Tuesday, June 02, 2009

EDM #223...

...Draw Your Favourite Sound

EDM #223: Draw Your Favourite Sound
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My favourite sound huh? Well I have a few- like running water (fountain or stream or ocean) or those HUGE windchimes hanging in my local garden centre.
But the reason for the latter is that I love CHIMES. All kinds of chimes- but especially BELLS.
This is a (not so great) picture of my parent's local church. It is less than 5 minutes walk from them, and every Thursday from the age of 10, I would hear the bell ringers practise. I loved that sound... it was heard again on Sundays and at weddings- and my favourite chime is the peal- all the bells in order from highest to lowest, repeated over and over...
So since I can't draw the bells (no photo and 3000 miles is a LONG way to travel to get them AND I don't think they'd let my parents take one lol) I drew the bell tower and the West end of the church.
I had to adjust the colour in my photo editing software so it was closer to what I painted- which was a lot yellower than the real thing... still getting used to my lovely luscious new paints ;))


  1. Yes! Bells. I love that sound as well. Lovely drawing.

  2. I live in Nowrwich in the UK, where we are said to have one church for every week of the year (and one pub for every day of the year!). Funny that I never hear any bells. Like you, I remember them from my childhood. And love the peal that you are fond of - it is so joyous. Nice to be reminded of the bells.


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