Friday, April 24, 2009

Virtual Sketch Date- Rhododendron

Virtual Sketch Date- Rhododendron Bud
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Click on the image for a large view :)

My entry for the Virtual Sketch Date April 2009, which can be found here Virtual Sketch Date April 2009 from a VSD photo by Jeanette Jobson

I decided to try watercolours for this one- which never scans quite right :/ I was not 100% satisfied with this one, but still quite like the result :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barney Basset

Barney Basset
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A picture of my sister's dog for my sister and her fiance :)
I rather like how this one turned out :)

Pinky Opossum

So we kept Pinky Opossum outside in a nice warm box all night, hoping that she'd make it. This morning she was still alive, but not doing well.

Luckily the web is an excellent resource, and from this site I knew what to do.

We put Pinky in a box on top of a warmed rice pad (under some towels), and let her warm. Yes, Pinky is a she ;) I tried to feed her some Gatorade, but no dice. So I put in a couple of lettuce leaves. Opossums are omnivorous- they eat pretty much everything AND they help in gardens by eating rodents, slugs and snails... Opossums became my friends instantly!!

Baby opossums are born a couple of weeks after conception, then they are the size of a honeybee when they are born- upon which occasion they move to mama's pouch to suckle. Apparently they can be in litters of up to 13! After a couple of months, they have grown hair and migrate to Mama's back, where they hang on for a while, before dropping off, having grown too heavy.
We suspect that our Pinky had JUST migrated to Mama's back and was not yet ready to be alone.

After warming her, we called the wildlife rehabbers in the area, who suggested we call a local vet.
I waited a bit before telling DH that I thought the vet should see her- Pinky is still wobbly when walking. She definitely perked up after warming her up though!! DH called the vet, who does wildlife pro-bono (the reason I have posted their site ;)), and he took Pinky in there.
The vetinary assistant even thought Pinky was little, and told DH that they would need to keep her for quite a while.
Since Virginia law states you have to be a Licensed Wildlife rehabber to keep wild animals, we wont get her back :( But I rest assured that Pinky is now in the best of hands, with a good chance of survival!!
And just in case you wondered... "Why Pinky?"
Pinky and The Brain

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Unexpected Visitor

The Unexpected Visitor
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DD came in telling me she saw a mouse... it was a baby opossum. I left it alone and took photos only to draw- only to hear DD later "I stroked the baby opossum!!"
I DID try to keep it calm!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

And Back to Work

So I just had a busy couple of weeks- first my husband went out of town for a few days. That meant I was kept VERY busy by the kids :) Then my parents and sister visited for 2 and a half weeks!
My notebooks inspired my sister to draw- and my Dad started drawing more- I showed him my favourite books- and he bought one by Lee Hammond :)
In the meantime, I had little time to draw, but tried to. After a week or so I was able to include a few additions to my notebook- hopefully with things getting back to normal I'll be able to do it some more now!