Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Paintings...

So a week or so ago we took a trip to Fredericksburg, Virginia. The old town is incredibly picturesque, with lots of interesting buildings and shops :) Being as I was with the family, I took the opportunity to take pictures of the things I might like to draw at some point, and this courtyard came out on top as the first thing I did. It is the back courtyard of an Inn on the main road through old town Fredericksburg. It reminded me of something from Europe, and these kinds of 'nooks' are what I consider the backbone of a town... very attractive :)

Then I made a couple of recipe cards- sharing recipes with a swap partner :) The first is illustrating a Susan Branch recipe and the second, my favourite Summer Recipe :)

I thought you might like to share it ;) (I probably have already shared it anyway, but I like to share it regularly).

2 TBSP Olive Oil
1 Zucchini/Courgette
1 yellow Summer Squash
2 Sweet Bell Peppers
1 Poblano Pepper
1 onion
Garlic Cloves, crushed, to Taste (I usually like 2 large)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat oil in a skillet, and saute the squash, peppers and onions until tender.
Just before finishing, add garlic, salt and pepper to taste.
Serve warm or cold :)

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