Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer...

...which goes to say that I am being very lazy. I have been drawing, but the last week or so I have been busy making baby clothes for friends and relatives who all chose to have babies in the near future lol. I think I was up to 11 people due between now and next February....
Here is a selection from my sketchbook (the one I hate) from the last month. I have been experimenting with my brush pen...

In the car...

Father's Day- picking beans.

Summer's joy- fresh sungold tomatoes!

A couple of fungi ;)

Creek in the park... drawn as I waited.

same park, while we waited to be picked up :)

Handsome box turtle the kids found in the garden.

You can read more about each picture on my Flickr pages :)


  1. They are all lovely, but I think I am most impressed by the car. I'm so bad at drawing cars!

    The turtle is gorgeous!

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Thanks Cristina :) I was really pleased with the way the car turned out too... sometimes we have to look at it differently to capture it well- this was drawn in pieces really, like a puzzle. And it worked!! (Especially nice since I drew it in pen lol)
    The turtle was just as striking in person too- that orange was firey! he would NOT sit still though!

  3. These are all wonderful journal pages! I admire your productivity with your sketchbook, and the great results!

  4. By the way, there is an award on my blog with your name on it if you'd like to stop by!

  5. Eleven people? I wonder who any of them could be? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .......... ?

    I just LOVE your pictures, Rachel.


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