Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The First Snow and Fit in 40.

Today we are having our first snow of the season. It is pretty, but very wet… not the sort to settle much.

I am thinking I might emulate Dawn and make a special treat to celebrate the first snow. Snowy cookie/biscuits, hot carob (DS is allergic to chocolate),

I have hopes that we’ll actually get some real snow this year… the kids would love to play in it :)

Fit in 40 Update:

Well so far so good. I have managed to drink enough water each day, AND of course I had other drinks. This time of year just MAKES people eat drink eggnog right? And I have to have something other than water for dinner… after all I have to use UP all those cans of coke right?

The side effects have been minor so far. My hands feel really dry. I am not sure whether that is the weather and the annoying fact that I wash my hands more in winter because of the germs. I have a germ-o-phobic husband, which is a good thing because we’d be sick more often if he were not ;)

The more water I drink, the more I seem to want, which is annoying :) And of course, the bathroom breaks are more frequent. Annoying, but something I can deal with :)

Now, I actually managed to get my targeted number of drinks in both yesterday and the day before… so lets hope I manage today too :)

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  1. I love the picture! I am holding out hope for a real snowfall for us this year :) And great job on the water drinking! I completely know what you mean about the coke...


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