Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter- And Goodbye to Sew for Victory!

All this month, I have been sewing for Victory, with Rochelle and the cute Lucille over at Lucky Lucille .


Finally, the month has come to an end, and so has Sew for Victory.  And I am not the only one with a new dress ;)

So, I also made a dress for my 9 year old daughter.  In fact, she was super enthused about having a new dress. I fully remember this excitement- my own mother made me dresses as a girl, and I LOVED it.  I was not one of those children that hated handmade, I thought my own dresses and jumpers/sweaters, were WAY better than those from the store.  I can't say my mind has changed much ;)
So, I got DD to pick out a pattern, and she chose a late 30's pattern:

Simplicity 3112
This is Simplicity 3112, puffy sleeves, a piped bodice- definitely a 'princess' dress ;)  I made the blue version on the top left.  I lengthened the bodice slightly, because it was designed for an 8 year old- and DD is slightly taller than it called for.  She is skinny though, so she still has growing room now I have done so ;)

DD tries to mimic the pattern pose.
I made her pose like the pattern ;)  Jessica will be impressed to see that I wasn't kidding when I told her the colours of DD's dress match her own outfit :)

Back of dress.
Here is the back.  She has been sitting in it, so it is not quite as neat as it was!  The sleeves are banded with a contrast of dark purple, and there is another band of contrast at the hem there.  It is actually placed slightly UNDER the skirt, so it looks like an underskirt, but is really just another fabric.
embroidered eggs.
And I got to play with my new embroidery feature.  DD chose this Easter egg design, and the machine just embroidered it on.  It kind of hides under the bow a bit, but that is probably due to the bow being SLIGHTLY different from the pattern.  I had to double the fabric, since I couldn't just hem it- no matching thread ;)

So, what about me?

 Would I honestly leave myself out? :)

Of course not!  You'll see my lovely cord skirt, which has actually seen a number of outings since I made it.  And a new top.

This one is from another reproduction pattern, Simplicity 1692.  I chose to do View B, which actually comes out WAY nicer than the view on the envelope.  Typical ;)

The fabric was a fantastic quilting cotton, that I just could not pass up.  I looked it over several times, but then bought it in the coupon commotion sale at Joann Fabrics.

I shine in the mirror ;)
It took a while to make.  Mostly because I ran out of thread halfway through AND because I was making DD's dress at the same time.  But it is not a complicated sewing project, and would be much quicker to make if you read the instructions and put the zipper in correctly.

A fun shot ;)
I did add the bows.  You can't really see them, but they are there.  And I LOVE this blouse, it will definitely be seen out and about again!

Happy Easter!
I even did my hair and put on some lipstick this time ;)  Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it!  I hope you have a lovely day!



  1. You both look very cute! Well done!

  2. You both look gorgeous! Great job on all of it!

  3. Sweet ladies, you both look so wonderfully lovely! It's awesome how much your DD's dress matches my Easter ensemble. Clearly you and I both had shades of purple on our minds this month. :)

    Wishing you a beautiful start of April,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica :) Yes indeed we did ;)

  4. I love it. Brings back memories even though I was born in 80s ;)

    1. LOL well it brings back memories and I was born in the 70s ;) These are so similar to the dresses I loved as a little girl in the 80s :)

  5. Both of you look so cute in your outfits! The embroidered eggs on your daughter's dress are a nice touch.

    1. Thank you :) I freely admit, the eggs were an excuse to use my embroidery feature ;)


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