Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Williamsburg Christmas: Part 2

So, back to the Williamsburg decorations.  Where possible, I have tried to put what was in the wreath.  I am sure I have missed something somewhere.  I hope you enjoy the exploration of Williamsburg.

 Maybe decorate just one side of a wreath.

 This is the wigmaker's house.  I think that wreath might have 'hair' on it!

Flower in the corner from dried leaves and a shell.  Plain wreath.

 Dried flower header with locust pods.
 A rope wreath with flowers and greenery.

 Twine wrapped header with dried stuff.  That's technical jargon, that is ;)

 Cotton, dried flowers and seed pods.

 A simple bunch of dried flowers and grasses, wrapped in cloth.

 I love how this one looks like there is a sheep in the middle of it!  Looking closer, you can see it is actually a 'nest' of grasses and flowers, with a cotton and feather chicken sitting on eggs :)  Clever, huh?

 Dried flowers.
 Seedpods, flowers, cotton and grasses.

 Window decor with dried oranges and dried herbs.

 Corner decoration... dried flowers and dried peppers.

 Orange clusters, evenly spaced.

 Dried herbs, seed pods, arranged in a diamond pattern.

A pinecone with moss, dried herbs, sweetgum pods, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks.  It is a marvellously clever window decoration.

Dried flowers.

Really great garland consisting of dried fruit.

Shells, dried fruit and dried flowers.  Sprays of wheat around the outside.

 I had a model for this one :)  The garland is a spectacular creation of flowers.  Chrysanthemums I think.

Paper birds and hearts, and a couple of playing cards.

 We interrupt this broadcast to take a look at the kids modelling knits.  And showing their true colours ;)

 Dried herbs and flowers, with a spray of feathers!

 A prizewinner with wheat and corn.

 The wreath and the window decorations match rather well.

Grapevine wreath with seedpods.
Dried fruit in the center, surrounded by wheat around it.

I love these corner displays on the roping.  I wonder how they hold them on?

 Dried fruits and seedpods.  And docent ;)

Altogether, you can see my model and a house with wreath, header and window decorations.

A nice pineapple with oranges surrounding it.  And a wreath of greenery and berry sprays.

A very simple window decoration- fir branches with an apple in the centre.

This wreath is pretty amazing when you look closer.  Dried flowers, seed pods and the like.  The header matches and also has a couple of wooden spoons.

I have always loved the steps on this building.

This wreath is a prize winner.  There are playing cards cut to look like flowers on this one.  And a pixie who is modelling her brand new (knit by me) pixie hat.

 Another pretty header.  You'll notice my light is fading fast at this point!

 Even the taverns decorate.  Shells, dried flowers and ale cups dominate this one.

 The town hall gets in on the act too.

This is a wreath with osage orange fruit on it- they are the giant balls that look like brains ;)

This wreath is at the milliners- a dried grapevine with dried flowers in a most unique display.

This picture is one that annoys me terribly.  A couple of people just stood there in my way, and did not want to move AT ALL.  So my photo is really blurry, which is a real shame as this spray is one of the more spectacular.

The Governor's Palace, even at a distance, is always spectacular.

My favourite house in Williamsburg- it is tiny!  It has fruit on the wreath, which is far harder to see now.
These two photos are a little blurry, sorry.  Light was fading fast!

 Fruit... I think the top left orange is mouldy- so even the ones there suffer ;)

Even the stores in Williamsburg get in on the act- this is window in Barnes and Noble!


  1. How tremendously lovely! I have the fondest of spots in my heart for historical buildings and communities who strive to preserve them and celebrate their history, like those in Williamsburg. I truly enjoyed this post, Rachel, and wish even more now to visit Willismsburg in person one day myself, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you Jessica, it is certainly lovely there :) Although only a few of the houses there are original 18th century ones, it is so nice to have a place where the kids can get a feel for the time... horse manure in the streets and all ;)

  3. These decorations are far more beautiful than anything that went up in my neighborhood. I'm a complete sucker for greenery. It's so classic and the smell... Also, the picture of your kids together is fantastic! It seems they have very well developed personalities, and I'm sure they keep things from boring. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment on my blouse post. I really enjoy getting to interact with other bloggers.

  4. Thank YOU Michelle :) Greenery is so pretty at this otherwise bleak time of year! And Thanks on the kids :) It took some doing to get them to pose ;)


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