Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Pattern Friday: Surplice Set

So our family is celebrating a new baby!  My brother is a new daddy, with my nephew being born just yesterday morning.  So it seems fitting to me, that in celebration, I should share a BABY pattern with you.

The fortunate thing about baby patterns, is that they never really go out of style.  There are still matinee coats and sacques, baby bonnets and bootees.  You can find vintage patterns for socks, cardigans, rompers and more... and your baby will look just as cute (if not cuter) than the ones in the vintage pattern books!

Even better, most of the older baby patterns have that heirloom quality look to them.  I have lots of lovely handmades that my Mum and Nan made for my kids... and they are hidden away in my closets.  I love handmade baby things, and while I know not ALL parents are appreciative of them, that doesn't mean people don't like them!

Because I am mean, I find it absolutely hilarious when I see these little elf like hats for babies.  And yes, I would totally dress a baby of mine in them, because they are also cute!
I think this pattern is for an infant.  It doesn't really say.  Which means that it is totally possible it will knit up for a larger baby, which is fine, since the baby can grow into it!
It is 8 sts to the inch, which is a totally normal baby pattern.  Use baby yarn NOT baby sport as that will knit up too large and you are using very small needles already (US 1 and US 3 - that is 2.25mm and 3.25mm or UK 13 and UK 10).  You can also use fingering weight yarn (that would be 3ply or 4ply), but I am a fan of the acrylic yarns for baby BECAUSE they can be washed, even if my sensibilities say natural is nicer ;)

Baby knitting patterns are actually an awesome place to start if you are a relative newbie knitter.  These miniature clothes will let you try out some of the more complicated knitting techniques (decreases and shaping) without taking forever to knit.  This one also has a cable up the front.  If you DO want to make it, I highly recommend learning more about matching increases and decreases.  It will give your garment that professional look.  The links take you to some helpful videos ;)

You can get the Surplice set here.  Happy Knitting!


  1. Awe, super cute! I have been wanting to make baby sweaters for all of the people in my life having kids, but I usually procrastinate too long and only have time to knit up a quick hat. Bamboo cotton is another great choice in knitting for babies because it is natural and washable (though it does strange things with the tension - so you have to be careful what patterns you use it for).

    1. bamboo cotton is very nice... IF you can get the right size :/ I have found it harder to get the nicer non-wools in the thinner thicknesses.
      That being said, if baby can't throw up on it, you can use wool... or the washable stuff if you can find it!


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