Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snoods and Gloves

Yarning along with Ginny again this week :)

So I managed to finish my lacy crocheted gloves last week.  I am glad, because I plan to wear them for Easter ;)  You can see my Ravelry notebook page for them here.

Here you can see them both, with the back of my cardigan (it is a little bigger this week) and my current mystery book.  This was a suggestion from another yarn alonger (who is reading another in the series).  I am rather enjoying it, although the format is a little unusual in that it springs from one POV to another.  The title, No Corners for the Devil, comes from the fact that it is set in a round house - with no corners for the devil :)

Also made by me this week... a snood!

From a traditional 1940's pattern, it is a very simple crocheted pattern, that did not take particularly long to make.

It was long enough though, for me to miss wearing it for St. Patrick's Day.  That had more to do with me having to frog it repeatedly because I would forget to decrease/increase or miss a stitch or two.  It is not complicated, but it does need a BIT of attention ;)
So there you go- two vintage crochet pieces for this week!


  1. Wow, Rachel, I just don;t know how you do it all!
    And those gloves are just exquisite!

  2. Rachel, those gloves are just stunning! You have really made pieces that are true heirlooms! That is quite a gift you have been given, congratulations.
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

  3. oh those gloves are lovely!! My daughter would love them...I'm off to check out the pattern! Happy knitting!!

  4. absolutely lovely stunning work!


  5. I adore your gloves(and snood)-- you are truly gifted! Both are so elegant. I do miss I could read mysteries--yours looks great. I always flip to the last page,sigh> Can't wait to see what you create next week!

  6. Hey, I've made that snood! Several times, in fact. :) I attached mine to headbands and strung elastic around the back - they work perfectly! And your gloves are lovely - very Regency.

  7. Those gloves are just beautiful, I'm off to check out the pattern right now.

  8. Those gloves are absolutely fabulous.

  9. Oh, I do so love your style!!!!!!

  10. I love your gloves! They look like they took some dedicated time..

  11. Oh my look at how adorable you are! Love the delicate gloves and snood!

  12. Oh my - I love that snood! I've never had hair long enough to wear one, and for some reason I can never pull off wearing period pieces without looking silly. It looks phenomenal on you, though! xo

  13. I tried to reply to each of your comments individually, but for some reason, blogger keeps burping!

    Tracey: Thank you, I hope they do prove to be heirlooms in the future :)

    Alisa: Thank you :) My daughter has already requested a pair! This pattern came from a magazine article I have a copy of. However, the pattern is also in a book, linked on the ravelry page :)

    Karen: thank you!

    Conservative Knit Mom: Thank you! I admit, I often look at the back of a book too. In fact I did it on this one, and messed up the denouement for myself! Usually I can read the last page without being told 'whodunnit' but not it this case! Whoops! I still love mysteries ;)

    Jessica: Well this one was made just as the instructions said. I was suprised at how well it stays on my head- especially if the front is tied back with bobby-pins/kirby grips. The snood kind of hangs on them then! Thank you!

    Come on In: Thank you :) I am very tempted to buy the book containing the patterns myself ;)

    Amy: Thank you :)

    Steph: Thank you :) I am semi-vintage. That means most of the stuff I make is from vintage patterns. And my jeans and t-shirts (most of which are fairly old LOL) are not!

    Homesprout: Thank you. They did not take as long as I thought they might, but it was several days worth of work (on and off). It was more frustrating to have to make so many pieces before it started coming together!

    Ang: LOL thank you!

    Meghann: thank you. My hair is not particularly long right now- just shoulder length. It actually looks fine so long as the front of your hair is 'somewhat' period. It also helps the rest of my outfit is 40's too ;) I am frequently inspired by vintage bloggers online who do the whole look ALL the time!

  14. I was unable to find you from the comment you left on my blog, but then I figured it out. Yippee...you won the fabric peg doll pattern giveaway on my blog. Could you please "conversation" me on my etsy site to leave me your email address and I will get it to you as soon as possible. Thanks for joining along.


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