Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knitting AND Crocheting

I am yarning along again, with Ginny and the rest over at Small Things.  At least it keeps me blogging regularly ;)
This week, for your appreciation, you can see a really cool book I found in a local antique shop, Janet Marsh's Nature Diary.  The title caught my eye, and I grabbed it up to keep it.  It is similar in some ways to the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, only a bit more modern, and set up a little different.  It is still English though :) If I didn't actually squeal when I found it, I felt like squealing!  The other book, the new Abs Diet for women, has been sitting in my library basket for a while.
As for my projects, well you can see I haven't got very far with my cardigan.  It is in LACEWEIGHT so, not really a surprise I guess!  Here is a nice closeup so you can admire the yarn.  It only took me a few tries to get a good photo.

Isn't it pretty?  That is Cousteau, from Madelinetosh's 'Tosh Lace' range.  I found a lovely online shop that I bought it from- they had it shipped out VERY quickly.  Eat, Sleep, Knit was their name :) and I just wanted to give them a shout out.


My other project is more experimental than anything else.  I am sure many of you who crochet have seen and admired the crocodile stitch projects out there.  Well one, very kind person sat through the videos and made up a free scarf pattern (ravelry link) to make one.  It is a fairly easy and fun stitch, with a great ruffled texture.  The yarn, which is Serenity Garden from Deborah Norville's range, is not the best for crochet, but it looks good!
Now, I finally remembered to take a photo of the 1930's lace top pattern I made ages ago.  You can purchase the pattern from the Vintage Pattern Place on Etsy.  If I were to make it again, I'd add an extra inch to the ribbing and an  extra pattern repeat because I would prefer it just a little longer ;).

And finally, I will leave you with a couple of photos from inside the Nature Diary :)  If you want to see more, you shall have to get your own copy ;)


  1. Love the book, love the yarn and color of your new cardigan and LOVE how cute your new hairstyle is.

  2. Thank you Jill :) The book was a very thrilling find!

  3. LOVE that lace top and I tried the crocodile stitch I guess two years ago and gave up! I guess I need someone in person to help me too lol. Don't you love it when you find cool books like that, it makes me squeal too.

  4. I found myself pottering around EatSleepKnit earlier this week when my mother-in-law asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I ended up on the Madelinetosh lace page too, though it was the "malechite" that caught my eye. Though your "Cousteau" is lovely too!

  5. All really beautiful work Rachel and that book was such a lucky find!

  6. The lace top is so cute :)

    Love the yarn you're using for your cardigan. I also admire your patience - I don't think I could knit a garment out of laceweight!

  7. What lovely illustrations there are in your new book :-)

    Your crocheting looks great - I'm trying to learn at the moment... although I had a 3 year old go a bit crazy while I was getting shown how... see you next week :-)

  8. Wow - love all of your projects. That lace top is so beautiful!!

  9. Lovely! All of it!
    The vintage top is just too cute! My niece would love something like that.

  10. Ooh that book looks like something I would like, I love the Edwardian Lady book and the style.

    Lovely blues in the cardigan, and I love the crochet scarf pattern - crochet is still in it's infancy with me. Lovely yarn too.

  11. I just had to pop back to your blog as I have just looked into the nature diary book to find it was written about the Itchen Valley.

    I will be picking a copy of this book up as I actually live along the Itchen Valley in Hampshire, England - how about that for a coincidence. Thank you so much for sharing the book, I'm looking forward to reading it now.

    Dawn x

  12. The start of your multicolored ruffle scarf looks fun and pretty! I look forward to seeing more of it next week.
    AND that lacey top......beautiful!!!!

  13. What a wonderful book to find! I love when little surprises turn up in unexpected places.
    Thank you so much for the photo's of your top, it is beautiful!

  14. Your cardigan is coming along just great...I've never tried lace weight yarn....I'm scared :) LOL Your lace top is gorgeous!

  15. Fantastic job on the sweater and that book looks awesome!

  16. Love that scarf pattern. Looks like fun, will have to check it out on ravelry!

  17. Thank you for the book recommendation! Such lovely illustrations. I just bought a copy from Amazon for 99 cents (plus shipping, ugh). Anyway, thank you. And I love Eat Sleep Knit - that's where I've gotten MT yarns too. That colorway is gorgeous - reminds me of the shimmery tail of a mermaid. Your top is so pretty. I would agree with wanting it longer. I like the flounce at the sleeves.

  18. You're right. That is a great shade of blue. I look forward to seeing the finished sweater.

    You did a great job on that top.

  19. Oh my you and your top look marvelous! The yarn is beautiful; thanks for the closeup. Thanks for the online shop info too. I need another place to feed my little addiction to yarn and knitting.
    Again, thanks for your sweet advice. One day I will be a competent knitter!

  20. OOOh that nature journal sure looks a must have!!!

    Love the blue wool

    Leanne Nz

  21. what a great find! It looks like a beautiful book! And I have to tell you that top is gorgeous! Love the lace pattern! And what a fun scarf! Happy knitting!!

  22. The colour of your cardigan is gorgeous! I'm still to nervous to knit with such fine wool.
    And I love the 1930's top! How awesome is that?!

  23. Oh goodness, so many comments. I knew I shouldn't have left it all day!
    @Crunchy: thank you :) The stitch works out IF you have some good visuals. One of the various sites out there had some really good photos to show how, and that is really how I know :) I shall try and dig out the link for you :) I DO love finding books like that. I think my husband thinks I am crazy though ;)
    @Jessica: oh, isn't it lovely? I had such a hard time choosing which colour. I really liked the orangey reds, but wanted something that might actually go with the rest of my wardrobe LOL
    @Mia: thank you :)
    @Pink: (I totally typed punk initially LOL)I am determined to do it because I really like the Tosh yarn :) Lace was the only one in big enough yardage with the right stitch gauge ;)
    @Happy: They are lovely aren't they? As to crocheting, well I understand the 3 year old thing LOL I learned when I was 7 though, my Mum taught me, and my Nan showed me how to knit at the same age. Actually Mum showed me both first, but I couldn't get knitting until I sat watching Nan :) My kids are 4th generation knitters and crocheter- isn't that cool? :)
    @Lee Ann: thank you :) The pattern for it really drew me in!
    @Kaylana: Thank you :) It was a a surprisingly quick knit- even considering it was in fingering weight yarn!
    @Dawn: If you liked Edith Holden, then you will like this too :)
    And thank you- crochet is just as fun as knitting, but it can be more challenging to get it looking as 'neat'. However, it is perfect for those ruffled projects and lacing edgings :)
    And how fabulous that it is about the region in which you live! I am so glad I remembered to mention it here then :) She makes the area sound so beautiful, and gives me a much needed taste of home (I miss England sometimes. Not right now when it is cold and raining here though LOL I usually think of this weather as 'English' lol).
    @Marfa: Thank you. Hopefully I will get more of it done LOL
    @Tracey: It was a fun find. I am afraid I walked around hugging it to myself. And told my Dh that I WAS getting it ;) And thank you for the compliments on my top!
    @Kristen: Thank you :) It IS a very scary yarn, but I did some crocheted lace with thread last summer, so laceweight is not so scary anymore ;)
    @Meadow: Thank you :)
    @Mamashara: Thanks- it IS fun. I even managed to do some whilest giving my 7 year old her reading lesson LOL
    @Ellen: I hope you enjoy it :) The shipping always kills me too, but this time the cost was all in the book itself :) I was lucky to find it hardbound and in great condition! And Eat Sleep Knit were fabulous. I shall definitely use them again! It IS a sea-like colour, which, I guess, is why they called it Cousteau. But then, all the MT colours are so pretty ;) As to the sleeves- I wasn't sure how they were supposed to sew up, so I left them open because I liked the flounce too ;)
    @Jen: thank you :) It is also REALLY soft and lovely ;)
    @Angela: Thank you- and you are very welcome. I know I like to see these things better too ;) The shop was really nice!
    @Leanne: that's what I thought when I saw it ;) Thanks!
    @Alisa: Thank you and thank you :)
    @Kristin: Thank you :)
    @Corrabelle: Thank you :) It takes a little practise- and casting on is the worst part ;) And thank you- the top is pretty special to me ;)

  24. Your sweater looks great, I love the shaping :) Madtosh is fantastic yarn, one of my favs and I have ordered from the same online shop-they are super fast!!

  25. OK that top is ADORABLE! So awesome! And eatsleepknit is one of my favorite shops. Did you join the "marathon"? I tried last year but only got to the first gift I think. Not for me this year, I'm on a destash!

  26. LOL! I'm so used to seeing amorphous swatches of yarn since Marina usually has a few projects going at the same time. Love the color for the cardigan! You're keeping very busy!

    Peace and Laughter,

  27. @Swanski: yes, they are super fast :) Thanks!
    @Lia: LOL glad you liked it :)
    @Cristina: thank you :)

    And for those interested:
    is where the crocodile stitch pics can be found :)


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