Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New clothes or old?

So I have a bunch of things I have made for myself recently, and I say I will blog them, but never seem to get around to it.  So to cut a long story short... here at the things ;)

from McCall 4662 (1940's)

I made this (you have seen it before ;))

From McCall 4304 (1940s):

I made this:

Apparently I need to learn to pose better.
I made Simplicity 4738 (1943), but have yet to get a good photo of it. so We'll wait on that one.

From Simplicity 2017 (1948) I made view 1.

Kind of a fun pattern- here with a helper ;)

And from Simplicity 1538 (1947) I made view 3 with the sleeve from view 4 :)

Complete with silly look on my face :)  You can just about see the yoke at the shoulder there...
The fabric was a real pain to work with, but I love how it looks and feels.
I also have one more pair of shorts (with a blouse almost completed) that I will show some other time :)
In the meantime- enjoy and happy creating!


  1. wow, busy girl you are! Love them all. Great job, glad you posted them!

  2. What fun! I'm so glad you left a comment on my fairies/brownies post, so that I could discover your blog.

  3. Thank you both :) It has been fun!

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  5. LOVE these old patterns and your wonderful clothes!

    Thanks for stopping by...I'd be embarrassed to have you visit Mockingbird Studio right now...what a mess.

    Happy Fourth to you and yours,


  6. Thank you Sharon :)
    LOL- I have two kids, I have seen huge messes- they don't tend to phase me much (especially if there are art and books in the room LOL)

  7. Lovely sewing! I just discovered your blog via Pleasantview Schoolhouse, and was delighted to see that you are a fellow sewer and vintage pattern enthusiast. Your creations are lovely. I was particularly pleased to see that blouse pattern made up, as I have the same pattern in my stash, waiting to be used! What sort of fabric do you recommend for it?

  8. Val- sorry I somehow missed your comment (I suspect I first saw it on a mobile device and just forgot to approve it!). Anyway, it is a lovely blouse pattern- I made the hem a little bigger than a rolled hem because I was using a cotton homespun fabric. In fact cotton is a great fabric for the blouse- just make it a lightweight one. Also I would venture a silk, rayon or lightweight blend would work too. Although I love quilting cotton, I am not sure that would work so well!


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