Monday, August 16, 2010

Some new Creations...

I recently got the book 'Clones Lace' by Máire Treanor in which is a basic beginner's guide to making Clones style Irish Crochet Lace.  It's a fantastic book, filled with the history of the craft as well as some instruction on how to make it.
Learning how to make the Clones knot, was an interesting technique, and I "unvented" a rosary while I was at it :)

I admit, I was extremely disappointed when I discovered that I was not the first person to do it- but my crocheted rosary is completely crochet, unlike the others I saw out there!  It is pretty and rather delicate looking- very much the product of the lace technique I used!
It is so delicate in fact, that it was virtually impossible to get a good photo of it!!

I also finally finished my bonnet.  It was still too big, but my daughter is pleased to own it now. 

Her thoughts were that it was pretty- and lacy- and she wanted it.  She also wanted the rosary!

 I need to iron it some, but otherwise it looks great- (and so pretty on her hair!!)

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  1. Oh my how pretty. It makes me want to learn to chrochet. Just beautiful. Clarice


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