Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Red Robin

Red Robin
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Robins always make me think of the song..."When the Red, Red, Robin comes hop, hop, hopping, along..."
Mum tells me I used to say robins only had one leg since they 'hopped' everywhere ;)
This proud American robin (very unlike the little sparrow-sized ones I grew up with in England) was just beginning to sport his new spring plumage!

Another in my 'Feeder Birds' series :)  This one is Prismacolor on Canson Mi-Teintes.


  1. He's very handsome! I love your colored pencil work, especially on this paper! very elegant!

  2. I never knew there were sparrow sized Robins! I'll have to have my daughter look for them if she heads to England in September!

    Thanks for your comment. I now know that telling them to microwave the eggs for a minute was not my best idea. :o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  3. Thank you Ann and Cristina :)
    I think he turned out really well!

    Here Cristina- is all about the European robin:


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