Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Notebooks :)

So in the past week I have made two notebooks- the first to replace my finished art notebook, and the other to use for Cay's Advent Retreat.

My artist's notebook is a lovely size- with my usual mixtures of paper in it. I like the 'deckled edge' effect so I tend to rip it to size :)

The advent one is Christmas themed- because I plan to use it throughout the Advent and Christmas season. I have just read Hannah Hinchman's "A Life in Hand: Creating the Illuminated Journal" and so intend to both journal AND draw in it :)

My first entry in the new artist notebook- my wriggling son. He is reading- but he is still not still!

The ever present artist's model- the foot. It and the hand are often seen in my notebooks ;) This one was an experiment with Derwent pencils- which I lack the colour I really need to get my English paleness. Oh well! You can also see my menu and shopping list here- as Hinchman suggests. I have to admit I prefer looking at my shopping list in my notebook as I shop- it is far more interesting ;)

Next up, EDM #249: Draw a Coffee Pot. Ours is rather new, though old fashioned- makes a lovely cuppa and was fun to sketch :)
Not every artistic effort is a success. This is one of them. Apparently trying to talk to my son and draw at the same time does not work. Especially if I am trying to draw an Advent Basket and he is talking about a Crow called Silverspot. They don't work well together. Never mind!


  1. Your notebooks and journal pages are gorgeous! I love the idea of an advent sketchbook, thanks for sharing that - I may borrow that idea from you :-) I ordered the same Hannah Hinchman book and am waiting and waiting and waiting for its arrival!

  2. Thanks Ann :) You are more than welcome to copy the advent notebook idea ;) I just decided that, since I was supposed to be journalling AND since Hannah Hinchman had said to include all that in the book, that I should kill 2 birds with one stone :)


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