Monday, November 03, 2008

Daybook for Monday 3rd November

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For Today...

Outside my Window
... we've had the first frost, the leaves are falling and the ground is carpeted with a layer of pine needles. We're in the first part of the winter stretch, and I am beginning to think about ways of prolonging the growing season. I think the discoveries I made in the garden this weekend might have helped with that ;)

I am thinking... that the kids are awfully quiet... wonder what's up?

I am thankful for... days spent in the garden. Sometimes I just need some time outside to regroup. My garden looks a lot better for it too.

From the learning rooms... trying a new technique. I am trying the circular method I saw mentioned on the Latin Centered group. Basically you make a long list, and where you stop one day you start the next. I know Rebel works better with a schedule BUT there are so many things he doesn't get done that way. Well NO MORE!! I have also moved Nature Study permanently to Mondays. This really works out well as a great beginning to the week- it is MUCH less stressful!

From the kitchen... I have soup and bread planned. I need to find some ingredients I had no luck with last week :o

I am wearing... jeans with a red striped shirt. My hair is in a ponytail- nothing fancy here today :)

I am reading... Real Education, some Mariah Stewart Novels and my usual magazines :)

I am hoping... To get some school prep done before we go for a walk. I have to print out some things!

I am hearing... the kids playing (they started making noise again ;)).

Around the house... more laundry- have to strip the kids beds and put their brand new flannel sheets on, bake the bread and tidy the kitchen.

One of my favorite things... are autumnal colours!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... start to phase in the new routine. We've been working on the no computers during school, and it has worked well, NOW I need to phase in the routines for blogging and emails etc. And school planning. I am still hoping somewhere along the line that I get a laptop to make the timing thing a little easier ;)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

We picked our fascinating peanuts :) These peanuts- which come from the flowers- are actually under the ground! The flower swoops down and anchors itself to the ground, before producing the pea UNDER the soil :)


  1. Nice to see you posting again, although I CERTAINLY understand about computer issues. I am trying to manage my time better as well.

    Have a happy Monday!

    p.s We should meet up again, sans the kids and hubbies, then we could linger over books and talk to our hearts content! :0) Maybe after the first of the year. And by the way, I'm sorry if my girls seemed rude. I learned afterwards that they were really quite nervous, which they hadn't communicated at all beforehand. A bit overwhelming for them, I suppose.

  2. interesting picture of peanuts, the first time i have even looked at one on how they grow. what do you do with them next.......

  3. We are letting them dry, then we will roast them and eat them :) Maybe we'll do that tonight... :)


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