Monday, February 18, 2008

The Green Hour

Logo courtesy of Barb at Heart of Harmony... and it is free from her blog :)

So the kids have been out almost all day... Well four hours now. Charlotte Mason would call this ideal. I call it lucky! Considering this is February, our weather is wonderful. It peaked at about 73 degrees earlier.
So you could say our green hour took a little longer ;)

The kids have spoken. Our two topics of study are late winter/early spring weeds, and moss. Apparently these beat out the grackle flocks and hawk sightings :)

Now I need to research our topics for the kids... And I can pretty much guarantee a nature diary entry :)

ETA: On mosses... Rebel discovered three different types of mosses, according to the Handbook of Nature Study... A Broom Moss, Hair Cap Moss, and club moss. We need to get the magnifying glass out to be sure though ;)
A quick look online for them, rousted up these links:

Backyard Nature

World of Mosses

Boreal Forest

And there appear to be many more!!


  1. I am so glad that you are joining us for the Green Hour challenge! You sound like you had a great start. I don't know much about moss and I think that is a great topic to research. If you have your Handbook of Nature Study you could look it up there and find something to use with the kids.

    Keep us posted.
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. I love the idea of a Green Hour. Being in Florida, this shouldn't be too hard. We may not get quite so involved since mine are pretty little still, but nothing like committing to an hour outdoors every day. Would it be alright if I borrow your logo?

  3. Cindy... the logo is Barb's, she has it at her blog, and you are welcome to use it since she gave it to us to use :)

  4. I love the artwork on your blog header.
    I wouldn't have thought of moss either, but how cool that your kids are considering even the grass and weeds under their feet as worthy of a second look.

  5. What a great blog! This is my first visit. We had a great time and it looks like you too.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. My son found some moss as well - he can't wait to find out more!

  7. woops!! I accidentally deleted Tina's comment.

    "what a great nature walk you had.

    I am really enjoying seeing what others have found on their walks.


    Again... I am so sorry Tina... The keys are small on my iPod :(

  8. Oh you’re too kind. :o) I have done the same thing before. Silly buttons. :o)

    I really enjoyed looking at your other blog. Oh my you can draw! And you have a wonderful area to do lots of nature studies without driving anywhere.

    I hope you find a book you need to do 4 season gardening. We could never do that here in WA.

    Have a wonderful day!


  9. I just had to come back and say "Thanks" for this post—The Green Hour has been just the kickstart I needed (so far!) for Nature Study... It's actually something I have been meaning to do since Puggle was about 3 months old... (he's now 3.75 years old!)


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