Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spies and Halloween

We should be making Soul Cakes today, because of the All Saints and All Souls feasts :) BUT, I made cookies yesterday, and two little munchkins got a LOT of sweet things from their Trick or Treating last night.

Here they are in their costumes :)

First, the inspiration for the costumes... Spy vs. Spy from Mad Magazine. Jacobite has shown them a few cartoons of them from online and they are captivated. One suggestion from me, and yes, they wanted to be them!

And so, Jacobite and I brainstormed, and came up with their costumes. These were REALLY easy, but a lot of fun and VERY much admired ;)

Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy from the front.

The "White Spy".

The "Black Spy".

Parents loved the outfits. Kids didn't know what it was, nor did they like the attention they got LOL. Well... except for our kids of course ;)

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  1. Oh, heavens!
    These costumes are too cute. And so original. :)


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