Friday, June 29, 2007

And School is back in session...

At least it is here at our house!
This year, I decided to go for a more fully, Latin Centered flavour... and although I do not yet have all the books I plan to use this year, I have most.
I have the Greek Myths and the Christian studies packages from Memoria Press. I bought them as a guide for me to follow with Rebel... and I can honestly say that, 1. there is no need to buy the student book for the kids... and 2. if you are inventive you can figure most of it out yourself. That being said, they do provide a great reading program, some good vocab and questions and some related readings and memory verses (Christian Studies). If you are interested, only buy the teacher's guide ;)

Latin will be continuing the Latina Christiana we've already started. I did take a look at Lively Latin, which looks wonderful, but we are just a little further along than that!

We will also add in Greek this year, and the progymnasmata... or creative writing course.
I hope it goes well... so far, Rebel has rather enjoyed the Greek Myths we've been reading... both the D'Aulaire's and Hawthorne's Wonder Book.

In fact, both M'Lady and Rebel LOVED the tale of the Gorgon's head... bloodthirsty kids that they are... and M'Lady tells me she wants to be a cyclopes for hallowe'en. How's that for a 3 year old? Initially she was very taken with the idea of being Medusa with all her snakey locks, but decided she wants to be the One-Eyed Cyclopes instead. Oh well...

Science this year consists of our library's science section. This is actually good because we get to do a lot more interest directed stuff. So far we have studied the birds (fascinating... now both can identify most of our common feeder birds), and worked on our garden. Now Rebel is working on a space lapbook.

I chose space right now because the weather is warm at night (downright hot a lot of the time in fact), and because for Father's Day, Jacobite bought the first series of Star-Trek on DVD. We also saw a show about a comet... and, well, call me an optimist or even an exploiter, but sometimes homeschooling is all about catching the right wave! Unfortunately, our best book The Reader's Digest Children's Atlas of the Universe, was accidentally left outside in a summer storm. About an inch and a half of rain later, it was noticed. Needless to say, neither Jacobite or I were pleased with Rebel! Luckily it was NOT a library book!
So now Rebel is doing his lapbook and telling me that the sun needs a new name, and that Saturn has nice rings... well at least he is reading ;)

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