Friday, April 20, 2007

When was the last time you... meme

Just for fun ;) Thanks to Dawn!

When was the last time I ...

1. kissed someone? Hmm… a little bit ago when I was hugging M’Lady, I kissed her. When someone kissed back… lunchtime when Jacobite left to go back to work J

2. drank coffee? This morning, when I got up. I think I had two cups but I am not sure because I was being rushed for our field trip day out!!

3. read a book? Erm… well I read Secret Garden aloud to the kids, and I have been reading Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature to myself. I did just finish The Birth House recently.

4. cursed? Like Dawn, I don’t tend to curse, but I do mutter under my breath occasionally (often at the news… I really should give it up!!).

5. had a nightmare? I don’t remember. I know I had a terrible nightmare the other day about the kids getting hurt… I couldn’t sleep for a while after that!

6. checked your email? Ditto Dawn: Just a few minutes ago.

7. had a crush? I will just quote Dawn here because we obviously think the same ;) “You mean other than my husband, of course? I'd have to say, Mr. Darcy. ;)”

8. drove a car? That would be about 10 years ago when I learned to drive. I never passed a test so I don’t do it now. I really should learn...

9. rode a roller coaster? Sheesh… maybe 18 years ago? I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but Jacobite doesn’t care for amusement parks, and I haven’t been to one for ages!

10. took a nap? Yesterday. I could do with one today after our morning!

11. went to the movies? Two years ago to see Wallace and Gromit with the kids. We usually just get the DVDs and watch them at home when the kids are in bed. It’s much cheaper, and we can pause the film for toilet breaks, eat whatever we like and refill our drinks without missing anything. That being said, I do want to take the kids to some more movies :)

12. drank alcohol? Wine with dinner a few weeks back… or maybe a drink of whiskey and coke when we were sick a couple of months back… I don’t recall which.

13. went to a party? I don’t remember!

14. said “I love you"? Earlier at lunch as DH left.

15. cooked a meal? Wednesday night. We ate out last night because we were trying to get the grocery shopping done fast enough to get everyone home early for bed. I ran into an old friend at the store so it didn’t work out the way I’d hoped!

16. exercised? This morning. I hiked around a nature trail with two kids, chased them around the park, then had to carry them inside later (one was protesting, the other sleeping). Is that exercise enough?

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