Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Win a Knitting Book

Tasha from over at By Gum By Golly, was featured on Susan Crawford's blog tour and is hosting a giveaway for Susan's latest book, Coronation Knits.

Vintage Gifts to Knit: The Perfect Christmas Jumper- from Ravelry.com
I have long been a fan of Susan's designs- which are all vintage inspired- or even in some cases, reworked vintage designs.

Coronation Knits: Amies - from Ravelry.com
Personally, I would love to own these books.  I really need to tell my family this so I can get them added to my birthday/Christmas list ;)

Coronation Knits: Princess Twinset - from Ravelry.com
I have showcased my favourites from the book on this page, Tasha has a few more- and of course there are other fabulous patterns from Susan Crawford's designs on her Ravelry page.

Coronation Knits: Lion and Unicorn - from Ravelry.com
I have to say though, the Lion and Unicorn jumper is my favourite :)  I would definitely cast on for this one!

Anyway, to read an interview from Susan or to enter to win the book, head on over to Tasha's blog today :) You have until Friday 13th July!


  1. That Lion and Unicorn one is fabulous. I'd love to have a Christmas jumper like the top red and white stag one but very rarely can I keep my focus on knitting adult garments...I'm easily distracted.

    1. I admit, the lion and unicorn really caught my eye :) And I can understand about the adult jumpers... I know I end up with several different projects on the go just to give me a break from it ;)


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